Hi Everyone,

Its been a long time since I last spoke to you and this latest blog should explain why… I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go travelling around the USA stopping in New York, Washington, San Francisco, Yosemite, Los Angeles and finishing up at our last stop Las Vegas, visiting many towns in between. I was able to put my Travel Photography skills into action!

The whole trip was amazing and if you ever get the opportunity to travel the States I would definitely recommend any of these beautiful locations. We were able to do a lot of tourist locations and really soak in what each State and City had to offer. The photographic opportunity in the USA was outstanding the vast landscape change between each state was amazing, I had the best time with my camera, practising new technique and trying new ideas.

I have added a new album on my Facebook page called “Travelling Photographs” check it out to see a small selection of my travels:

The colour in everything in the USA really stood out for me especially the sky, we had one day when we travelled by road from LA to Las Vegas and I had to stop and take some photographs because the sky had the most amazing gradient of blue in it, the clouds were so white and looked like they had just been whipped up, some of these photographs feature in my album. (link above)

Everyday I had my camera around my neck ready to snap away when I saw the next exciting shot, I traveled my air, rail, road and sea and saw some breathtaking sights along the way. Every evening when we arrived back to base I would back up my photos and edit the images I didn’t want to keep. I have finished with a special selection of photographs to treasure and share with you of my travels around the USA.

We have lots of new and exciting things in the pipe line for SND Photography and I cant wait to share them all with you. Keep checking back to see what we are up too and whats NEW!!!

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Have a great week, Happy Autumn and I will write again soon!!