Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with you this fantastic project I had the opportunity to be involved in at the end of last year, the cards have now been produced and are (in my biased opinion) amazing!!!

Stephanie dyment header

At the end of last year I worked with the amazingly talented Stephanie Leatherland and her company Stephanie Dyment in producing her greetings cards. We spent the day with boxes of crafts, balloons, ribbons, feathers and flowers (every girls dream) to create some chic card designs, that Stephanie herself had come up with. Stephanie brought with her handmade pom poms and tassels among many other decorations to create the look, we photographed them in different colour-ways and angles to give them a simple yet chic feel. The decorations featured in the cards were in pastel colours to make them perfect for any occasion.

Attached above are a few of the images we shot in the session that Stephanie has used in her greetings cards range. There are lots of stunning designs featured on Stephanie’s website, linked below.

To check out more of Stephanie’s range and how to get hold of them visit… http://stephaniedyment.com/ for more information.Stephanie recently showcased her designs at “Top Drawer” the UK’s leading event for design led gifts, lifestyle and fashion accessories and had a fantastic response.

After sending the photographs to Stephanie she then added her magic to the designs to make them look amazing! I had a great day working with Stephanie and the final images look great on the cards, cant wait to see them in the shops!!

Special Thanks to Stephanie for letting me blog the day and being part of her project.

Thanks for listening, see you soon,

Sarah x