Hi Everyone,

Happy 2015, understandably a little late but lots of new-ness has arrived since, which I am so pleased to show you. What a busy year 2014 has been and I would like to Thank everyone that I met along the way and all the faces I have yet to meet in 2015. I created a flip-a-gram again for 2014 click here to see what we have been up to in 2014. I have since welcomed a batch of new Business Cards not only with an update of images taken from 2014 but with a new name, as along with all the busy-ness I got married in 2014!!!

Also hello to a new book thats showcases all of the Weddings and Engagement Sessions I have done so far and not forgetting a batch of new flyers with all the gorgeous children and babies I have had the privilege of photographing. There is also a Flip-a-gram (click here) for all the young faces I have photographed in 2014 from The Goldilocks Agency, we have been working together for over a year now and its going great with over 80 new faces photographed in 2014 and lots more already booked in for 2015!

Again a big thank you to everyone I have worked with in 2014 and lets see what 2015 holds for us….

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Heres some of the NEW and exciting things we have had in so far for 2015!

IMG_6063 Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 15.05.29  Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 15.05.41

See you soon

Sarah x