London Fashion Week Day 1

Location: The Me London Hotel 

Date: Friday 20th February 

Time: 1pm 


My First Fashion Week and WOW was it amazing…. 

The day started at The Me London Hotel and from there I covered the internal installations of some of the most stunning designers showing at London Fashion Week. Shortly after I was shooting a live shoot on the roof bar terrace for Allumer Jewellery, photographing the models and the photoshoot as it was happening.  Then to the Media Lounge to capture some more of the day, before going to Somerset House. Fashion and inspiration were flooding the gates of Somerset House it was an amazing sight of colour and sound as I captured the day. This was set to stay as the weekends shows heated up London Fashion Weeks Schedule and excitement. My favourite part of London Fashion Week is there are no rules, everyone is free to express their fashion rules and passions, this was on full display across the 5 days.

I have attached some photographs of some of the things I got up to over the day.

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Check back for London Fashion Week Day 5…

See you soon,

Sarah x