Hi Everyone……

So a lightbulb flickered in my head a few weeks ago about starting to have a pattern in what we feature on our Social Media sites. We put up everything that we are up to and what we think is cool to show you and then we had a thought as we feature so many different types of genres of Photography why don’t we feature a different focus for every day in the week….. (hhhmmmmm  your thinking?!)

So our doodles and sketches in the back of the diary amounted to this weekly idea..

MONDAY:  Motivational Monday… As much as some of us don’t like to admit it we all find it hard to get up in the morning, especially on a Monday and definitely when its dark and raining, I mean why would you? If you had any sense you would get back in to bed and snuggle in there until the sun came up at least. So a little motivation wouldn’t go a miss, would it? Whether its a quote to make you think about life or some photos of the sunshine (something happy) to get us all up and away this is what it will be, a little kick in the right direction to set us on our way.

TUESDAY: Trade Tuesday… (Yep, I wasn’t to sure on the name either but thought it covered a large scale of opportunity.) So Trade Tuesday will be a focus on all things commercial whether its a show, exhibition a review of one or some featured work from a commercial angle thats what we will look at. A different market each week maybe?

WEDNESDAY: What else could it be, yes you guessed it…. Wedding Wednesday. We will focus on a Wedding show or some wedding photography, some cool ideas I would love to try or something wedding photography focused. I love weddings and to have a day solely focused on that one very subject is great!! Roll on Wednesdays!!

THURSDAY: (This one was really hard to think of..) TBT and if your not down with the kids as I wasn’t and had to ‘Google’ it, this means Throw Back Thursdays!! This will be a photograph from back in the day.. its great to look back through your work and see how your work has changed and a nice reminder of what you have done and is always good to get you through to Friday.

FRIDAY: Fotographer Friday (We are not stupid we do know how to write Photographer, we just needed it to link with Friday so we thought we would jazz it up a little, so there you have it!) “Fotographer Friday ” will be a day where we look at an inspirational photographer, whether they are a huge photographer that has worked on a massive campaign for “Vogue” or whether its our good friend Tony, that’s a photographer by hobby, this is the day we will feature them.

SATURDAY: Studio Saturday’s this is where we will be unless out of location. Whether its a guide of how to create a shot in the studio or set up some lighting or to feature some studio work, Saturday is our day.

SUNDAY: Social Media Sunday this will be the day in the week where we look at all of our social media to see if we have captured anything interesting to tell you… Something we may have found, an app, a show, a photographer you name Sunday is the day!!

This will be the main structure of the week for the month of February and we will see how it goes… if you love it please let us know and we can continue in this fashion with our newly named days. We hope you enjoy them and hope to hear your comments and feedback soon.

Thank you

SND Photography