Hi Everyone,

Over the weekend SND Photography went to “The Photography Show” and boy what a great time we had!! “The Photography Show” in Birmingham was great and its still on for those of you that would still love to go!! Its last day is tomorrow and for information on tickets here’s the link….


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The whole day was back to back with seminars, products, helpful tips, shops and plenty more photography inspired things. The wealth of product that was available at the show was outstanding, I have never seen so many photography brands all in one place. The seminars that run through the day were great too, they allowed you as a photographer, to photograph their sets and models and to practice the techniques they were teaching you, what a great idea to put your new knowledge to the test.

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The later part of my day was spend in an “Interview with Rankin” the interview was great it was well worth the extra money spent to see him. If like me you are a big fan of his work you got a real insight into Rankin as a person and some of the ideas and the way in which he had inspired the shots. I genuinely felt he wanted to inspire those around him and he was pleased to share his experiences, at the end he stayed for questions and photos with the audience and also signed 12 books for the audience to purchase!! (They were snapped up in an instant!!)


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The last seminar of the day I had chosen was “How to Survive a Wedding” This was held by “Lisa Devlin” from www.photographyfarm.co.uk it was great, I learnt so many tips and tricks for wedding photography and it really inspired me to get out here and really go for it. The talk went through the running of the day and what parts were most important to capture and how to make the couple feel most at ease. Photography Farm also run training and workshops for those budding photographers that want to get out into the world of wedding photography.

The day ended on a high and whilst travelling back on the train and feeling very motivated from the Photography Show I got out my notebook and pen and started to list my next plan of action and how I was going to take on the world!!

The photography show is a great day out for any photographer whether its a hobby or profession, it was definitely a must see for me!!

Thank you for listening and see you again soon.